Saturday, 20 June 2015

Part 4

Am I keeping you awake? I PROMISE it gets more interesting!

After pushing my bike in the scorching sun, I finally came to Crescent Road. Between 11 and 13, there was an alley. It was dark, seriously dark. I wasn't fond of darkness. It was very suspicious, a mystery letter leading to a dark alley. I knew it was a prank, but something spurred me onwards. I let my sweaty palms guide my bike into the darkness. Convenient place to get mugged...

But before I had the chance to turn back, I came to number 12, encrusted with gold that seemed to shine despite to. I tried to peer through the window, but all I could see was more blackness. My books still needed to be bought, so I tried the door.

A little bell dinged as I entered. The shop may have looked grim on the outside, but inside was bright and clean, complete with a shiny oak floor.

There were a few people dotted in the tardis like shop and they all turned to gawk at me. Embarrassed, I quickly went to the desk and tapped the brass bell.

A man slid down from a ladder behind the desk, making me jump. I didn't notice him, and no wonder. He must have been three feet tall...or should I say 'short'. His eyes resembled those of a wise old owl. His thick bushy beard brushed against the floor. The smile on the dwarf's face reminded me of a grandfather figure, warm and old.

"What can I do for you, my dear?"

"Um" I wasn't sure what to say, having never encountered what seemed like a real dwarf. "I was given this." I presented the voucher that was a part of my acceptance letter. The little old man pulled out a pair of reading spectacles from his beard and read it.

"Ah, I see, " he nodded. "come this way, Miss Dawson." The dwarf walked swift to the back left hand side of the shop. I was surprised that his beard didn't trip him up.

I waited in awkward silence. Maybe it was just me being paranoid, but everyone in the shop seemed to be looking directly at me. They started whispering....

Don't be so ridiculous! I mentally scolded myself. There was no reason for them staring, why would they? I was paranoid, that was it.

The dwarf came back with a stack of about five thick books. He went and placed them out on his desk. I looked at them sceptically.

This whole thing must have been a prank.

Each of the ancient books were leather bound and dusty. The first was called 'The beginners guide to spirits and demons' There was no way this was an actual school book...

" Are these the right books, Mr...?"

"Mr Finks." The dwarf answered. He frowned. " Of course they are. This has been my job for two centuries now..."

"Two centuries?!" My mouth hung open. I was so out of here...

"Yes, my dear. Why, I remember giving both your parents the exact same books when they were your age. "

"really?" Just play along. I would get the proper books at the Academy, surely. I was sure they would understand... "Thank you, Mr Finks, but I must go..."

And with that, I made a beeline for the door.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Part 3

So, how is my story so far? It will get more interesting, I promise!

Chapter 3 - The letter

My mum was less than happy about the news.

"It's a prestige Academy! How can we afford it?" I rolled my eyes.

"As I said, I get a full scholarship. We don't have to pay."

"But it is a boarding school! What if you don't get along with your room mate?"  I sighed. She was clearly making a mountain out of a proverbial mole hill.

"I can handle people, mum."

"Then how come-"

"I haven't got any friends?" My anger flared like a furnace. "'Cause everyone around here is a false prat!" I softened after I saw the shock on my mum's face. I almost never lashed out like that. "I am going there to study. Making friends isn't my top priority." My mother stiffened, out of arguments, or so I thought.

"Fine. Go to Evocate Academy" She said with slight distaste and then resigned to bed.

I frowned. Why was it so damn hard for her to let me go, was a mystery to me. I skulked up to my room and changed into a tank top and shorts. Climbing into my bed, Tickle curled up next to me. It was now getting colder, with autumn on its way. I welcomed his soft and warm form. My own little hot water bottle. A wave of tiredness washed over me suddenly. I dreamt of nothing as I was swept into a deep sleep. Apart from those striking green eyes...

My nose tickled. I tried to exterminate the cause of the irritation, but it was too late. My sneeze could have brought the house down. It even made me jump. Groaning, I looked through half open eyes to see the cause of my colossal sneeze. My  semi open eyes landed on a piece of paper. An envelope.

Puzzled, and quite frankly too lazy to get out of bed, I balanced on my hands on the floor and made a huge stretch for the envelope, whilst my legs were under my nice warm duvet.

Successful, I hauled myself back under the covers, shivering like heck.

I studied the piece of paper. An envelope, that's what it was. But how did it land on my nose? My mum? I studied it, the words 'Evocate Academy' were scrolled across the front in a cursive font. My heartbeat quickened. How did they get my address? I haven't even contacted them yet... I reached for my letter opener with trembling hands. I made an incision in the top of the envelope and gently pulled out the letter, which had a slightly golden tinge to it. I unfolded it gently and began to read.

Dear Miss Kira Dawson,

                                       I am delighted to hear of your agreement to enrol at Evocate Academy under full scholarship. You will be escorted to the Academy on August 23th. Your ride shall arrive at your home at 07:00 precisely. Classes begin on August 24th.

There is a voucher overleaf, which will pay for the appropriate school materials.

Yours sincerely, Ms Clave.

I lowered the letter. I was being taken to the Academy tomorrow. Today I had to get ready. The clock flashed 09:00.

I jumped out of bed and bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen. Only when I stopped did I notice how cold it was. That was unusual for the summer. I made myself some tea to warm me up. Tickle followed me, demanding to be fed. I left his food on the floor next to the cat flap.

"I didn't realise you were up." I spun to find my mum, standing by the door. She looked...different. Her blond hair was a mess, not brushed to perfection. Her complexion was pale and devoid of makeup. Dark rings hung below her eyes. Maybe the idea of me going away hit her harder than I thought...I snuffed that idea out easily, as if it were a weak flame. After years of having to put up with me, I bet she was glad to get rid of me.

"Yes. A letter came from the Academy. I am going tomorrow." My mum stiffened.

"Then you better get ready today. I'll leave you money on the bottom of the stairs." And then she sauntered off.

"Why, thank you." I murmured.

I went upstairs to get ready. By 09:30 I was going downstairs in shorts and a t shirt, branded with the All Time Low logo on it. In my bag was my phone (not that I had anyone to call) and the letter with the voucher attached. My mum had left me £50. I rolled my eyes. Generous with money, tight with affection. That was my mum alright.

I left the house and embraced the summer sun. It hadn't gotten too warm yet. Helmet firmly on and hair out of my eyes, I rode into town, which only took 10 minutes. The town I lived in wasn't massive, and I lived on the outskirts.

The hordes of people were unbelievable, considering the small population. And there were seven days in a week, why all go shopping on Saturday? Sighing, I got off my bike and sat on the cleanest bench I could find.

I pulled the letter out of my bad and turned to the voucher. It was a dark blue colour, possibly midnight blue. Anyways, it resembled my favourite colour. The spidery writing was golden.

There was an address on the letter:

12 Crescent road,
The town,
In a dark alley

Okay, this was just ridiculous. That wasn't a legit address. It was probably some lame prank (although who would bother?). But something deep -really deep- inside of me wanted to look for the address anyways.

Sighing once again, I started my search for Crescent Road.